NanoCool… using innovative technology to create

  • cost-effective
  • compact
  • uncomplicated

packaging that meets your temperature controlled packaging needs.

NanoCool utilizes advanced evaporative cooling technology to manufacture high-performance 2-8°C shipping systems.

Choose from a variety of refrigerated shipping systems from 42 to 96 hours to ensure protection of health care products and laboratory samples.

Universal Systems

  • Advanced 2-8°C shipper with PCM protection to prevent freezing
  • From 48 to 96 hours of temperature-controlled transport

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Cooling Systems

  • Standard 2-8°C shipping system
  • From 48 to 92 hours of temperature-controlled transport

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Insulated Shippers

  • Ideal for shipping -20°C and -65°C products
  • Extended duration transport with less dry ice

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Shuttle™ System New!

  • Compact and lightweight 2-8°C 42-hour shipper
  • Fits inside FedEx and UPS UN3373 laboratory shipping envelopes

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DeepFreeze™ Shippers New!

  • Protects -65°C product payloads for 96 hours
  • Lightweight and small footprint reduces transportation costs

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One-Touch Activation

Simple activation
  • Portable NanoCool systems arrive ready to activate and ship
  • No need to freeze and condition gel packs