Seven people, eaching holding a NanoCool product

NanoCool ... using innovative technology to create


packaging that meets your temperature controlled packaging needs.

  • On-demand 2-8°C prequalified packaging systems using NanoCool’s unique evaporative cooling technology.
  • NanoCool insulated shipper systems – using less dry ice for extended-duration shipping of frozen products.

Universal Systems

Premium on-demand systems using evaporative cooling to provide 48 to 96 hour 2° to 8°C control without preconditioning. Includes additional protection against cold conditions. Perfect for year round use with just one simple packout process.

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Cooling Systems

48 to 92 hour 2° to 8°C control without preconditioning. Easy-to-use on-demand systems with evaporative cooling.

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Insulated Shippers

Ideal for shipping -20°C and -65°C products for extended durations with minimal amounts of dry ice. Typically smaller and lighter than conventional insulated shippers.

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