NanoCool temperature-controlled packaging systems are widely used for the distribution of health care products and the collection and transport of specimens being sent to laboratories for analysis.

DISTRIBUTION of pharmaceuticals, tissue and medical devices

  • Bone graft shipments to sites
  • Corneas to hospitals for transplants
  • Compounding pharmacy medicines
  • Pharmaceuticals to clinical sites
  • Pharmaceuticals direct to physicians
  • Pharmaceuticals direct to pharmacies
  • Pharmaceuticals direct to the home
  • Cell and gene therapy products
  • Surgical sealant to medical facilities
  • Regenerative wound healing solutions
  • Returning unused drug product from clinical sites
Nanocool distribution of pharmaceuticals, tissue, and medical devices

COLLECTION of samples and specimens

  • Specimens from clinical sites to a central lab
  • Specimens from patients to processing facility for development of personalized therapy
  • Specimens from patient for molecular diagnostic testing
  • Tissue for research and development
  • Plasma collection
Nanocool collection of samples and speciments