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NanoCool … the Industry Leader in Evaporative Cooling Technology

Since 2005 NanoCool has designed, developed and launched temperature-controlled shipping systems that are used worldwide by medical, laboratory, life science, pharma and transplant companies.

Products include refrigerated and frozen shipping systems to protect temperature-sensitive healthcare products, laboratory samples and pharmaceuticals.

NanoCool refrigerated shipping systems feature One-Touch activation of a 2-8ºC payload compartment. These systems are provided in two formats – Universal Systems and Cooling Systems.

Universal Systems

Universal Systems combine evaporative cooling technology with phase change material (PCM) to ensure the integrity of your products. When combined, the steady evaporative cooling effect is augmented by the PCM component to protect against external temperature spikes.

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Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems are the original temperature-controlled shipping systems introduced by NanoCool for 2-8ºC product transport. These systems rely on evaporative cooling technology for thermal protection.

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Universal Systems and Cooling Systems are available in a range of sizes depending on your product payload requirements. These systems insulate product and laboratory samples from 42 to 96 hours of transport.

Insulated Shippers

NanoCool’s Insulated Shippers are frozen product shipping systems requiring dry ice. These shippers feature advanced insulation technology to ship temperature-controlled product that has to be maintained at -20ºC and -65ºC for extended durations.

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Shuttle™ System

Shuttle™ System expands on NanoCool’s line of evaporative cooling systems. The compact and lightweight Shuttle is ideal for the transport of biological specimens and other healthcare products at 2-8ºC for up to 42 hours. This refrigerated shipping system can be shipped inside FedEx or UPS overnight UN designated envelopes.

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DeepFreeze™ Shippers

NanoCool’s DeepFreeze™ Insulated Shippers are frozen product shipping systems requiring dry ice. These shippers utilize advanced insulation technology to ship -65ºC temperature-controlled payloads for extended durations (over 96 hours) without re-icing.

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