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CAR-T Cell Therapy Systems

NanoCool’s 2 to 8°C qualified shipping system for CAR-T applications

NanoCool shipping systems are at the forefront of CAR-T cell therapy patient sample transport.

CAR-T cell therapy is as a type of immunotherapy that guides T cells to recognize and destroy cancer. CAR-T cell therapy has demonstrated promising results in a range of patients worldwide. NanoCool has been producing temperature-controlled packaging solutions since 2005. Several NanoCool shipping solutions are currently helping CAR-T cell therapy companies with inbound and outbound shipping systems to transport patient cell and tissue samples that are processed by CAR-T organizations and reinfused in patients to help fight cancer.

To learn more about NanoCool’s advanced shipping systems for CAR-T cell therapy, please review the brochure information in the link below or contact us at for more information.

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