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NanoCool Cooling Systems

Patient specimen shipping systems for COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials

NanoCool’s range of patient specimen shippers are widely used for transporting blood and tissue samples in clinical trial studies.

NanoCool Insulated Shippers

Insulated Shippers for -20°C to -65°C payloads

NanoCool Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems for 2 to 8°C protection

NanoCool’s refrigerated 2 to 8°C shipping systems are one-touch activated and require no conditioning or gel packs. These cooling systems are ideal for transporting patient specimens from a collection site (clinic, home, physician office) to the lab testing location. Refer to our Cooling Systems and Shuttle System for more information.

NanoCool’s frozen insulated shippers for dry ice shipments protect clinical trial payloads between - 20°C to - 65°C. These shippers are easy to pack-out and require less dry ice than traditional frozen shippers resulting in reduced freight costs between the collection site and testing location. Refer to our Insulated Shippers for more information.

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