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DeepFreeze™ insulated shippers are qualified to ship -65ºC product payloads for up to 96 hours without re-icing.

These long-haul shippers utilize high-performance preassembled vacuum insulated panels to protect products with less dry ice than traditional frozen shipping packages.

The light weight and small footprint of DeepFreeze™ insulated shippers reduces overall product transportation costs.

DeepFreeze™ is more cost-effective, less complicated and easier to pack-out than vaporized N2 frozen shipping systems.

A novel spacer and inner payload box keeps product at desired temperatures.

Applications include extended duration shipping of cell and gene therapy products.


  • Requires less dry ice than other shippers
  • Lower overall transportation costs
  • Safe alternative to vaporized N2 systems
  • Designed with novel spacer solution
  • Advanced insulation eliminates re-icing costs
  • Easy to pack-out at clinician sites
  • Qualified in a constant 30ºC environment
  • Successfully drop-tested with dry ice

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