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NanoCool’s Shuttle™ System is a refrigerated shipping system that utilizes evaporative cooling technology for 2-8ºC overnight shipments of biological specimens and other health care products.

NanoCool’s evaporative cooling technology is seven times more powerful than gel packs or ice.

NanoCool’s active cooling process adjusts to variations in ambient temperature in a way that conventional cooling systems cannot.

Compact size (305 x 200 x 92mm) of the Shuttle and lightweight (2.4 lbs) results in reduced transportation costs for overnight shipments.

NanoCool Shuttle has been qualified up to 42 hours and can be shipped inside standard FedEx or UPS overnight envelopes for convenience.

FedEx packaging
FedEx packaging


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reduces transportation costs
  • Validated 2-8ºC for 42 hours
  • Fits inside overnight UN envelopes
  • Simple one-touch activation
  • Uses evaporative cooling technology
  • No preconditioning hassles
  • Requires no gel packs or ice
  • Protects valuable samples

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Shuttle™ System Qualification Report

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